Sex Whales & Hi I’m Ghost Ft. Cluda – Journey

Last month bass duo Nathan and Tiago, better known as Hi I’m Ghost, took listeners on a trip with their banger entitled ‘Trip‘. And now the duo and their ghosty friend are teaming up with Sex Whales to take you on a ‘Journey‘ with their aptly entitled release.

While straight bangers are nice, it’s even nicer to hear a track that successfully balances those heavy drops with lighter, more melodic sound. And that’s exactly what Hi I’m Ghost & Sex Whales do with ‘Journey’. The track opens up with a melodic intro highlighting cluda’s luscious vocals that belies its true direction. But not long after they give you that in-your-face drop that you’ve been waiting for. That juxtaposition of gorgeous melody to heavy drop creates a beautiful, complex track that deserves more than one listen.

Sex Whales x Hi I’m Ghost – Journey (ft. cluda)

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