MAG Music: Shawn Harris – Mafioso

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Shawn Harris lays down some deep, intoxicated reflections on his new late-night track “Mafioso.” Shawn Harris, the Minneapolis rapper formerly known as Nikko Lafré, is back for the first time since his September mixtape, Lafré Against the World: Chapter 1. His new track, “Mafioso,” finds him alone with his own drunken thoughts late at night. He calls out to a girl from his past, rapping, “So tell me do you love me like you used to,” knowing that he doesn’t have the same love to give, as his priorities these days are the money and the hedonistic lifestyle that comes with it. Even so, one feels like he’s still haunted by thoughts of what could have been.
“Mafioso” is one of Harris’ more melodic, R&B-leaning tracks, though it still bears the grittiness of the trap-situated rapping he’s also known for. The song is produced by Vinnyx and Cvre.


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