Is This Dog Cute or Is This Dog Terrifying?

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My freshman year of college, an enterprising student with access to a color printer made imitation lost dog posters that showed a picture of their friend’s face superimposed on a dog’s torso, and posted them all over campus. The resulting image was deeply disturbing and has haunted me to this day.

So you can imagine my confusion, then, when I look at this actual dog that looks eerily human and think to myself, “hey, that’s a cute dog!”

Tell me this doesn’t look like a person.


The dog’s name is Yogi and he is extremely polarizing. A Reddit threaddevoted to Yogi’s uncanny resemblance to a human man offers a case study on the uncanny valley (or as one commenter calls it in this case, the “uncanine valley”). Much of the debate centers on whether it’s his almond-shaped eyes or his pouty lip that makes Yogi look so much like a grimacing, middle-aged man. Me? I think it’s the lip.

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